Pastors and Counselors,

You may have the occasion to counsel a person who is obsessive about sex: sex with self, promiscuity, adultery, pornography, unhealthy relationships, and/or more fantasy.

We want you to know that there is help and hope for these individuals.

Sexaholics Anonymous is a 12-step program of recovery for those who want to stop their sexually self-destructive thinking and behavior.  It is a program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and has been helping people heal and recover since 1979.  Like other 12-step programs, this is not meant to replace any existing programs, but give support to the healing process.

There is a meeting in El Paso with the hope of creating more meetings once the fellowship grows.  All meetings are completely anonymous and are closed to anyone except those desiring their own personal sexual sobriety.  Sobriety for us is defined as no form of sex with self or with partners other than their heterosexual spouse – the traditional relationship of husband and wife.

Please advise anyone you refer to SA that they will be screened before notification of any meeting location.  This procedure has been implemented in all our groups to help insure the anonymity of all our members and meeting locations.  The questions asked are to help anyone determine if this program is for them.  We ask you to please respect our procedures in this matter.

We encourage all those who believe they need help with sex addiction to contact us at:

Sexaholics Anonymous – El Paso


To download a pamphlet with additional information for the Health and Helping Professional, click here.

If you want us to send you information about SA or SA El Paso, don’t hesitate to ask.


Sexaholics Anonymous – El Paso

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